Haserot Beach

Peninsula Township, MI

Grand Traverse Bay



                        Head north from Traverse City up the Old Mission Peninsula through the vineyards and cherry orchards to this hidden beach. Haserot is a good beach to escape the summer crowds of Traverse City. Enjoy the refreshing waters of the Grand Traverse Bay in this tucked-away cove. Since you made the drive this far, check out the Mission Point Lighthouse as well (https://michigan-explorer.com/mission-point-lighthouse/). Haserot Beach is the only public beach on Old Mission Peninsula.


Northwest Michigan (Lower Peninsula). Grand Traverse Bay, East Arm.

Distance From:

Traverse City: 18 miles (25 minutes)

Grand Rapids: 157 miles (2 hours 26 minutes)

Lansing: 204 miles (3 hours 14 minutes)

Kalamazoo: 207 miles (3 hours 7 minutes)

Flint: 207 miles (3 hours 13 minutes)

Detroit: 270 miles (4 hours 8 minutes)

Swimming Conditions:

            Haserot Beach is one of the best beaches to swim laps along the shore or for children because there were no waves at all. The crystal-clear water was a bit chilly at first, but if you stay in and fully immerse yourself the water is very comfortable. Even on the overcast, mid-70’s day, it was comfortable and I spent most of my time in the water. My wife and I went on an overcast Wednesday and we were the only ones there for most of our time at the beach. No lifeguards

Sand and Land:

            This U-shaped beach has excellent sand that makes walking bare-foot relaxing and comfortable. This soothing sand extends out into the water enhancing swimming. The beach is on the small side, about 75 yards long and about 20 to 30 feet wide at most. There is also a small playground, with grills and picnic tables. 


            Take in the sights of the Grand Traverse Bay at Haserot Beach. In this cove, you are likely to find boats with anchors dropped offshore. Haserot beach doesn’t have the endless horizon that many Great Lakes beaches have, for you can see the other side of the Grand Traverse Bay and the land that forms the cove. There are houses along the beach, but most of the houses are hidden among the trees. I did go on an overcast day, so I imagine it looks better on a sunny day.


            This is a category that could use improvement. The beach has a single outhouse. I am not a fan of this, not that I know anyone who is, but this has to be awful on a busy day.  It would be nice to have decent facilities.

Parking/ Cost:

            The parking lot is right next to the beach, but parking is limited. Not even 20 feet from car to the beginning of the sand. There is also a small additional “lot” across the street (grass field). I can imagine on the weekends it quickly fills up.  I estimate there is enough parking for 20-30 cars right at the beach. On the plus side, there is no cost.

Beach size: 3.5/5

Views: 3/5

Bathrooms: 1/5

Swimming Conditions: 5/5

Overall: 3/5

Travel rating:

            If you find yourself in Traverse City and want to leave the large crowds behind, head north to Haserot Beach. I bet it’s popular with the locals.  

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