Lakeshore Drive


          Lakeshore Drive (also known as Jefferson Avenue) in the greater Grosse Pointe area, is a popular and iconic cruising spot in the metro Detroit area. This spot was the filming location for the ending scene of the 2009 Clint Eastwood film, Gran Torino. Located northeast of downtown Detroit, this 3-mile stretch of boulevard borders Lake St. Clair as it empties into the Detroit River. On one side of the road you will see the beautiful blues of the lake and on the other side, amazing houses, as this is some of the hottest real estate in metro Detroit.

            The Lakeshore Drive area is also a popular area for boaters. Many come near shore and drop anchor. Two marinas sit in this stretch and you are bound to see small sailboats nearby. Unfortunately, there is no true beach here, so the only way to go swimming, is if you come by boat. Lakeshore Drive is also popular with pedestrians and cyclists. If you don’t live near Lakeshore Drive, walking or biking along Lakeshore Drive can be tricky. All the side streets that empty onto Lakeshore Drive have “No Parking” signs and the Grosse Pointe police are quick to enforce these rules. My way around this is to park at a shopping center on Jefferson Avenue (same street, different name) in St. Clair Shores, and ride my bike about a mile south to where the road meets the water. Driving on Lakeshore Drive, there’s a good chance you will get a close-up look at a freighter as it steams by.  Also look out to the east to see Canada and its windmills.

Whether you like classic cars, motorcycles, boats, or just riding your bike, Lakeshore Drive offers something for everyone with breathtaking scenery in the background.   

  Pictures are from early May and early June.

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