Top 5 (6) Beaches of 2021

Stearns Park, Ludington

            For me, this year was full of adventures across Michigan. I visited so many beaches that I ran out of time to write about a lot of these beaches, I will be publishing many more articles in 2022. In this third year of my rankings, all top 6 beaches are rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, all separated by only a few points. There is a 3-way tie for second and a 2-way tie for fifth. This is an indicator of how great Michigan beaches really are. You can’t go wrong with any of these beaches.  Come along with me on a journey back to the summer.


#5 (tie)                                    Lakeside Beach: Port Huron

                                      4.5/ 5        Lake Huron     Total score: 17/20     

2020 ranking: #3

            Located about an hour’s drive from the metro Detroit area, Lakeside beach is the gateway to Lake Huron. This large city park is very popular on weekends throughout the summer. It’s a great place to see the freighters go by and see Canada, eh? It has plenty of activities for the whole family. Heading to Lakeside beach? Be prepared for a crowd and a $20 entry fee for non-residents, but it is well worth it to spend the day here.

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#5 (tie)                                    Stearns Park: Ludington

New for 2021        4.5/5                Lake Michigan           Total score: 17/20

            New to the list this year, Stearns Park is a very popular tourist destination. Stearns Park feels a lot like an ocean beach with an endless horizon and white sand beaches. Come by at 9:00 AM to see the S.S. Badger car ferry head out on its journey to Wisconsin and then come back at 7:00 PM for its return. Get a closer look at the S.S. Badger and other boats out on the breakwater and see the Ludington Breakwater Lighthouse. Stearns Park is also a spectacular place to see the sun drop below the horizon. The fun doesn’t end there, -there is a skate park with lake views. Stearns Park is worth the trip to Ludington.

Stearns Park seen from the lighthouse breakwater
The S.S. Badger returns to Ludington

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#2 (tie)                        Caseville County Park: Caseville

New for 2021         4.5/5                Lake Huron     Total score: 18/20      

            Caseville is known for its annual Cheeseburgers In Paradise Festival, but they should also be known for the beach. Caseville County Park has a large white sand beach with crystal clear Lake Huron water. Caseville County Park can be a day trip for most of eastern Michigan. This beach is also a popular place for boaters to drop anchor and chill. Look off to the north to see Charity Island. Spend a day here relaxing, soaking up the sun and eating a cheeseburger.

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#2 (tie) Life Saving Station Beach- Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore; Glenn Arbor  

New for 2021                        4.5/5          Lake Michigan Total score: 18/20

            One of the many amazing locations at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, with speculator Caribbean-like clear water, Life Saving Station beach offers cool waters to refresh your body after a day of climbing sand dunes. While there, check out the historic life-saving service buildings from the 19th century. This beach is a sight to see, even in the winter with its teals and grays. Looking for a swimming hole at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore? This is the place to be. Escape reality at this beach.

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#2 (tie)                        North Beach: South Haven

2020 ranking: #1    4.5/5                Lake Michigan           Total score: 18/20

            One of my most favorite beaches anywhere is North Beach on Michigan’s west coast in South Haven. This year I will honor the scores, as the #1 beach sneaks past North Beach by half a point. Both are amazing beaches. Can’t make it to the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans? North Beach is close to the same experience (during the summer of course), just minus the salt water and sharks. Located in the middle of the Midwest, it is only 2 hours’ drive from Chicago, 3 hours’ drive from Detroit and 3 and half hours’ drive from Indianapolis. I first discovered North Beach on Labor Day weekend back in college (I attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, 45 minutes away), and I have been back many times to make more memories. During the day, soak up the sun -on the white sand. Come back in the evening to see the sun set over Lake Michigan. You can’t go wrong spending a weekend at North Beach.

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#1                                Oval Beach: Saugatuck

2020 ranking: #2         4.5/5    Lake Michigan           Total score: 18.5/20

            Several travel magazines have rated Oval Beach as one of the best freshwater beaches in the world, and I would agree. I found this off-the-beaten-path beach by accident one year, I was in the area and found it in an online search of “beaches near me.”  The beach is surrounded by a large pristine natural area, consisting of sand dunes and forests. There is nearly a mile of undisrupted beaches and surrounding nature. This beach is also a lot like the ocean, from the white sand to the endless horizon, to the waves. Oval Beach is a good Midwest weekend get away destination as it is 3 hours’ drive from Detroit and 2 and a half hours drive from Chicago. Don’t miss out on any of these beaches. 


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New beaches for 2021: Total Score/ stars out of 5/ Lake / town

Caseville County Park 18 / 4.5 / Lake Huron / Caseville

Life Saving Station Beach 18 / 4.5 / Lake Michigan / Glenn Arbor

Sand Dunes Beach 16 / 4 / Lake Michigan / Moran Township

Stearns Park 17 / 4.5 / Lake Michigan / Ludington

See you next year !

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