Ice Cream, Waterfalls, Catfish and Guns:

August 2020

            At a four-way stop in the middle of Michigan’s thumb, you will find a gas station at this lonely corner. Go inside for a surprise.  In addition to typical gas station snacks and drinks, you will find what makes Scotts Quik Stop uniquely American. Scotts Quik Stop also sells guns and ice cream! So, I call it, “The gun and ice cream store.” Only in America folks. I am no gun expert, but they seem to have a good selection of guns from; pistols, to rifles, especially for a gas station in the middle of nowhere.  During deer season, they also have a buck pole contest. Scott’s Quik Stop has showers available for truckers and nice large bathrooms, especially for a gas station. You will find Scott’s Quik Stop at the corner of M-53 and M-46 in Marlette; you can’t miss it. Scott’s makes for a great stop on your way to the beaches of the thumb.  

Stepping Stone Falls:

June 2020

            Want to check out a waterfall without heading to the Upper Peninsula? Check out the man-made waterfalls at Stepping Stone Falls, just outside of Flint. A little less than an hour from the Detroit area, Stepping Stone Falls park makes for a nice day trip. The falls are also a good place to see large catfish, as they tend to gather at the top of the dam because people feed them. Adventure awaits in your state.  

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